Azza University College for Women

Azza University College for Women


Azza university college organized new students reception attended by pioneers of higher education

On the occasion of the reception of new students, Azza University College organizes a ceremony honoring the leaders of higher education and a number of Sudanese university directors and community symbols:

The representative of the Minister of Higher Education, Ms. Eshraqa Baladou, welcomed the beginning of attendance and wished success for the new students and to understand the meanings of freedom and democracy and employ them to obtain their legitimate rights guaranteed by the law without harming others. She also praised the selection of those in charge of the college’s command for Azza’s name due to the confirmation of the value of women and the enhancement of their role in society, and she also emphasized the goals of the Ministry of Higher Education, which is education, scientific research and community development, and this has expressed its admiration for the college's giving an early interest in cultural activity and the female choir with enough strengthened culture to reject student violence and Console Academic innovation, and she gave appropriate reminder of the dangers Koruna disease and the role of the college staff in raising awareness in order to reduce the spread of the disease.

Professor Muhammad Saeed Al-Khalifa, the dean of the college welcomed the beginning with the honorable attendees and emphasized that the idea of ​​the college came to present the new to the community by promoting women's education and how to apply values ​​and knowledge in order to make a positive change that benefits Sudanese society, and he also emphasized the importance of complete freedom For students in the academic, cultural and artistic aspects in order to explode their energies for what is in the best interest of the community, he emphasized the role of the college in promoting women's sport and the college opened its doors to all partners from all walks of society.

Professor Babiker Jaber Kaplo, Chairman of the Board of trustees, emphasized what the dean of the college mentioned through the college’s vision in strengthening the building community and knowledge and how to apply it in a positive way, including in the interest of the community.

Student Affairs Coordinator Dr. Amal Hamed acting on her behalf, Dr. Taj Al-Din Ali Abdel-Rahman welcomed all attendees and emphasized the role of Azza College in providing distinguished and unique programs such as therapeutic nutrition and kindergarten, and praised the role of students in patience and perseverance, wishing them all the Success.

Students of Azza College represented by the student Sajida Abu Ubaidah. She expressed the admiration of the students at Azza College for the possibilities they harnessed for serving the college goers, and she praised on behalf of the students the role of the college in enhancing the position of women and their essential role in changing and building society. A warm welcome.


Azza University College for Girls organized a reception for new students for the first year 2019-2020, within the activities of the college, where its activities included the following programs:

- The speech of the representative of the Minister of Higher Education, Ms. Eshraqa Baladou.
- The speech from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
- The speech of the dean of the college.
- The speech of the Student Affairs Coordinator.
- The university choir with the participation of foreign students.
- The speech of female student representative.


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