Azza University College for Women

Azza University College for Women


Azza University College (AUC) is established this year 2018 with the aim to train and equip women to become active change agents in the development of Sudan. AUC is expected to be one of the pioneers in higher education institution in Sudan for women’s education, development and empowerment.

Vision & Mission

Vision: Promotion of Values and knowledge based society

Mission: To enable the transition to knowledge based society with values of excellence, relevance and partnerships via creative staff, enabling environment and competent graduates


 Internal for our administration and staff: Teamwork – institutionalization- –competence – innovation.

Towards higher authorities: Transparency - positivity.

Towards educational institutes: Partnerships - entrepreneurship.

Towards society: Active participation –diversity - respect.

Towards students: encouragement - patronage – equality.



First Research

It will be published soon.

Second Research

It will be published soon.

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